Fifth grader Jessica K. celebrates completing WRS Step 12.

Stepping Up with Jessica K.

In June, Jessica K. achieved two milestones: finishing the fifth grade AND completing all twelve Steps of the Wilson Reading System® (WRS)!

Jessica was diagnosed with dyslexia in the second grade and had been receiving instruction with the Wilson Reading System from special education teacher and Wilson® trainer Sara Adamovich at Eagle River Elementary School in Wisconsin ever since. She has been in good hands as demonstrated by the school’s recent recognition by the state for high literacy achievement growth with special education students.

As WRS lessons progressed, Sara observed Jessica’s progress and increased sense of confidence. Sara also helped Jessica to learn about dyslexia and understand that her brain functions differently and can “grow” with proper instruction. Jessica appreciates the rapport that has developed with her teacher, writing to her, “You are the best, Mrs. A.” Jessica also has been strongly supported by her family who have taken an active role in her education. 

In addition to her abilities in the classroom, Jessica shines in many other areas. Sara describes her as a talented artist with “a love of animals and gentle soul.” Jessica is also an accomplished equestrian trick rider and enjoys dancing  and playing softball.

Sara and Jessica enthusiastically documented her progress through the Wilson Reading System. When Jessica completed each WRS Step, Sara took a picture of her proudly holding the corresponding WRS Student Reader in the classroom.  They celebrated Jessica’s graduation from WRS Step 12 with balloons and a photo showing her Acknowledgement of Completion.

They were kind enough to share a selection of the pictures with Wilson. It’s inspiring to see the sense of accomplishment at each Step. Congratulations to Jessica and Sara on their achievements!

Jess K Wilson Steps